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#!/usr/bin/env clj
; Help Pythagoras Junior
(require '[clojure.string :as s])
(defn read-ints [] (map read-string (s/split (read-line) #" ")))
(defn smallest-triangle [sides]
(let [sides (sort sides)]
(loop [[a & as :as A] sides
[b & bs :as B] (next sides)
[c & cs :as C] (nnext sides)
[smallest last-c :as t] [nil (last sides)]]
(nil? a) smallest
(nil? b) (recur as (next as) (nnext as) t)
(nil? c) (recur A bs (next bs) t)
(> b last-c) (recur as (next as) (nnext as) t)
(<= (+ a b) c) (recur A B cs t)
(or (nil? smallest) (> smallest (+ a b c))) (recur A bs (next bs) [(+ a b c) c])
:else (recur A bs (next bs) t)))))
(dotimes [n (first (read-ints))]
(let [[_ & sides] (read-ints)
smallest (smallest-triangle sides)]
(printf "Case #%d: %s\n" (inc n) (str (or smallest "IMPOSSIBLE")))))
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