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#!/usr/bin/env lein-exec
; The Tower
(use '[leiningen.exec :only (deps)])
(deps '[[aysylu/loom "0.5.4"]])
(require '[loom graph alg])
(require '[clojure.string :as s])
(defn read-ints [] (map read-string (s/split (read-line) #" ")))
(defn all-nodes [floors shortcuts]
(->> shortcuts
(reduce #(conj %1 (first %2) (second %2)) (hash-set 1 floors))
(defn backward-nodes [nodes]
(->> (reverse nodes)
(partition 2 1)
(map #(conj (vec %) 0))))
(defn years [[a b]]
(* (+ a b -1) (- b a) 1/2))
(defn forward-nodes [nodes]
(->> (partition 2 1 nodes)
(map #(conj (vec %) (years %)))))
(defn remove-repeated [nodes]
(->> nodes
(map (fn [[u v c]] {[u v] c}))
(apply merge-with min)
(map flatten)))
(defn build-tower-graph [floors shortcuts]
(let [nodes (all-nodes floors shortcuts)]
(->> shortcuts
(concat (forward-nodes nodes))
(concat (backward-nodes nodes))
(apply loom.graph/weighted-digraph))))
(dotimes [n (first (read-ints))]
(let [[floors s] (read-ints)
shortcuts (repeatedly s read-ints)
tower (build-tower-graph floors shortcuts)
[_ years] (loom.alg/dijkstra-path-dist tower 1 floors)]
(printf "Case #%d: %s\n" (inc n) years)))