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#!/usr/bin/env clj
; Passwords
(require '[clojure.string :as s])
(defn read-tuple []
(let [[a b] (s/split (read-line) #" ")]
(vector a (read-string b))))
(defn crc32 [x]
(let [crc (new]
(. crc update (. x getBytes))
(BigInteger/valueOf (. crc getValue))))
(defn md5 [x]
(let [md5 ( "MD5")
md5sum (. md5 digest (. x getBytes))]
(->> (new BigInteger 1 md5sum)
(format "%032X")
(defn modpow-precalc [& secrets]
(let [[secret1 secret2] (mapv biginteger secrets)
modpow (.modPow secret1 (biginteger 1e7) secret2)]
[secret1 secret2 modpow]))
(def secrets-map
(->> (slurp "secrets.txt")
(map #(s/split % #" "))
(fn [m [k secret1 secret2]]
(assoc m k (modpow-precalc secret1 secret2)))
(defn chr [c] (char (+ 33 (mod c 94))))
(defn generate-password [date hash]
(let [[secret1 secret2 modpow] (secrets-map date)
calc #(mod (* % secret1) secret2)
next-char (fn [[password counter] _] [(str password (chr counter)) (calc counter)])
counter (mod (* modpow (crc32 hash)) secret2)
[password _] (reduce next-char ["" (calc counter)] (range 10))]
[password (md5 password)]))
(defn generate-password-date [[_ hash] [date n]]
(loop [n n
[password hash] ["" hash]]
(if (zero? n) [password hash]
(recur (dec n) (generate-password date hash)))))
(dotimes [t (read-string (read-line))]
(let [[userid n] (read-tuple)
[password _] (->> (repeatedly n read-tuple)
(reduce generate-password-date ["" userid]))]
(printf "Case #%d: %s\n" (inc t) password)))
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