An AHK (AutoHotKey) script for Realm of the Mad God
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An AHK (AutoHotKey) script for Realm of the Mad God

Among the features:

  • Shift+right click sends right click
  • Several text send hotkeys
  • Ignore hotkey (ignores the person who sent you a tell most recently)
  • Teleport target (ctrl+n to set, Right Mouse Button to use)
  • Pause hotkey
  • Nexus Tutorial hotkey
  • Swap hotkeys (only works @ low res and with contextual click, because i want it to)
  • Shift+scroll wheel scrolls chat log
  • /tp is converted to /teleport
  • Select all slots when trading
  • Withdraw/Deposit all items from vault
  • Go to character/server select anywhere

Some functionality only works in chrome at low resolution, if you want it working, do it yourself.

Credit to BMJ for some stuff from QuickSpeech and to TKGP for the item swap