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Provides messenging features for your Symfony2 application. Probably one of the most complex bundles out there!

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Note: Symfony 2.0 users should use the 2.0 branch of this bundle. The master branch tracks Symfony 2.1.

Provides messenging features for your Symfony2 application.

The persistence is storage agnostic. Any backend may be implemented: Doctrine, Propel, etc. Presently, only the MongoDB implementation is complete.

MessageBundle supports threads, spam detection, soft deletion and messenging permissions.

MessageBundle can be used with FOSUserBundle, but it is not required.

Note: PR #32 introduced significant schema changes for the MongoDB model layer. The fos:message:mongodb:migrate:metadata console command may be used to migrate your existing schema. Please refer to the command's help message for additional information.

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