Helper package for testing Icecave projects in a uniform way.
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This package provides a set of default PHPUnit, Travis CI and Git configurations for other Icecave Studios projects.


GitHub Account Configuration

The steps outlined below only need to be completed once.

In order to publish code coverage reports you need to authorize icecave/testing for API access by creating an OAuth token. The following command creates the authorization and outputs a JSON packet containing the token. Record this token for later use.

curl -u <github-username> \
     -d '{"scopes":["repo"],"note":"icecave/testing"}' \

If you forget your token you can retrieve a full list of authorized applications and their tokens with the following command:

curl -u <github-username>


To setup a new project, add icecave/testing to your composer.json configuration as a development dependency, then run:

composer update --dev

If you haven't already done so, install the travis command-line utility using the following command:

sudo gem install travis json system_timer

Initialize your project for use with icecave/testing with the command below. This command also installs other common dotfiles such as .gitignore and .gitattributes

./vendor/bin/travis-init [oauth-token]

Finally, Follow these instructions to setup the gh-pages branch.

Executing Tests Manually

The following commands are available for test execution:

  • vendor/bin/phpunit - execute all tests
  • vendor/bin/phpunit-coverage - execute all tests, and produce coverage reports

Coverage reports are available in HTML format in the test/report/coverage folder.