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Cuemon for .NET

Cuemon for .NET

An open-source project (MIT license) that targets and complements the Microsoft .NET platform. It provides vast ways of possibilities for all breeds of coders, programmers, developers and the likes thereof. Ideal for .NET, .NET Standard, .NET Core, Universal Windows Platform and .NET Framework 4.6.1 and newer.

It is, by heart, free, flexible and built to extend and boost your agile codebelt.

State of the Union

Cuemon for .NET (formerly Cuemon .NET Standard) has been completely refactored and updated to support .NET Core 3.1 while receiving a name that reflects the forthcoming version of .NET - .NET 5.

Another big change for this upcoming release is the versioning; the world has spoken - and chosen semantic versioning. The release for now is planned to be 6.0.0.

Check out the WIP documentation (generated by DocFx):

All CI and CD integrations are done on Microsoft Azure DevOps and is currently in the process of being tweaked.

All code quality analysis are done by SonarCloud and

Stay tuned for more exiting news!

License Build Status codecov Coverage

Development Branch

The development branch contains the latest (and greatest) version of the code.

To consume a CI build, create a NuGet.Config in your root solution directory and add following content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <clear />
    <!-- Cuemon CI build feed -->
    <add key="cuemon" value="" />
    <!-- Defaul nuget feed -->
    <add key="nuget" value="" />

Do note, that builds from development are preview builds and not to be considered stable.

Once tested thoroughly and feature milestone has been reached, the code will be pushed and merged to a new branch; release.

Release Branch

The release branch contains the next version of Cuemon for .NET. Here it will be tested again while the next semantic version is being determined.

All CI builds are pushed to as either alpha, beta or rc releases. For more information, check out Package versioning - Pre-release Versions at Microsoft.

Lastly, when things are looking all fine and dandy, the code will be pushed and merged to the master branch.

Master Branch

The master branch always contains the current production ready version of Cuemon for .NET.

Builds performed from this repository are pushed to as the actual version they represent. Eg. the forthcoming version of Cuemon for .NET will be 6.0.0.

Code Quality Monitoring

Quality Gate Status Maintainability Rating Reliability Rating Security Rating

Lines of Code Code Smells Technical Debt Bugs Vulnerabilities Duplicated Lines (%)

Links to NuGet packages (will be updated once Cuemon for .NET has shipped in 6.0.0)

Useful links for this project (will soon be changed for the forthcoming release):


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