Model Install for Windows

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The AAEM model (via Windows installer)

Those wanting to run the model on their local environment need to have the Python, the python dependencies, and a copy of the model and the model data.

The desktop shortcut sets up the environment to have Python, dependencies,

The AAEM launcher does the following: Ensure there is a Workspace directory in the users’ documents directory c:\Users\USER\Documents\aaem
setup environment to have python, the model, and the model environment configured to allow a user to interact with the command line interface of the model.

running the AAEM for the first time

  • launch the Alaska Affordable Energy Model utility
  • In the prompt that opens type aaem refresh ./ c:\aaem\aaem\data
  • when that is finished aaem run m1.0.0_d1.0.0
  • when the commands are finished a folder with the results m1.0.0_d1.0.0 will be in the c:\Users\USER\Documents\aaem\ directory (Note: version #s may be different)

GitHub Desktop

The AAEM Installer gives you a snapshot in time of the model and data. To keep updated and possibly contribute it will be handy to have a copy of GitHub and add the code repo and data repo to that GitHub.

Add - Existing - Browse

code repo: c:\aaem\aaem\embedded\aaem
data repo: c:\aaem\aaem\data

Atom is a text editor that plays nicely for cross-platform editing of text files. This is required for editing any of the code or configuration files used by the model. Associate the atom editor with all .YAML (config) and .py (python) files for long term sanity of both yourself and the model development team.

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