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GuitarFace Wiki (updated more often than this readme, at the present):


  • To detect the facial features of the guitar face (mouth, eyes, proximity of features, angle of head) using OpenCV
  • To make a visualizer of musical MIDI data that records and rewards user input in real time
  • To be able to compare sessions against one another and track individual progress

'''MIDI code'''

We track via MIDI:

  • duration of the session, number of notes played
  • count of pitches in the user-defined key
  • count of notes on or off the user-defined beats, e.g. tempo and meter (and an optional metronome feature)
  • count of vibratos
  • count of pitch bends
  • count of slides
  • count of power chords
  • count of musical intervals (m2, M2, P4, etc.)
  • count of "big jumps" between pitch (>P8)
  • chord labeling
  • dynamic range (moving average / smart)
  • pitch range
  • fretboard heat-map: where on the guitar neck are you playing most frequently?
  • repetition of pitch sequences
  • clarity and consistency of dynamics and intonation
  • mixture of divisions of the beat (i.e., all quarter notes = bad)
  • pace of playing
  • extra-musical moments, such as palm mutes and artificial harmonics, if detectable
  • the distribution of these features over the specific beats of a measure

These variables inform the graphical environment and analytic information.