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Daily Myths — Visualize the “All-too-Common Astronomy/Solar System Misconceptions”
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Daily Myths

This project was built in 24 hours during the International Space Apps Challenge on 21-22 April 2012 in San Francisco. It won the Award for Education outreach!

The idea for it came out of the Challenge called: Visualize the "All-too-Common Astronomy/Solar System Misconceptions.

We thought the title was really long so we decided to rebrand it: Daily Myths

This Trivia is our approach to make people learn while having fun and to make those Misconceptions go away.

You can help!

If you happen to speak a language in which Daily Myths is not yet available (currently available in: english, german and chinese) then it would be absolutely brilliant if you could add translations! It's easy! Just have a look into our google doc. It contains all the data that powers the app. If you run into issues or have questions simply file an issue in our tracker

If you stumble over a common Myth that people still believe and you feel like you have to change that then go ahead and add it! We always want people to become more educated :-)

The Translations

The Questions and Answers and all of their Translations live in our google doc. To visibly show the state of the different Translations we have a color code:

  • A Text that is missing or outdated in a language is marked with a red background color in the respective column
  • A Question that needs rework is marked pink in the whole row
  • Any new Myth (row) is marked in green.
  • Any row that is fine as it is is just plain white
  • New Myths need to be added in english as common denominator so it can be translated


Apache 2.0 License GNU General Public License

The Team

  • avatar of Cindy Li Cindy Li [design]

  • avatar of Dirk Ginader Dirk Ginader [developer]

  • avatar of Amit Rao Amit Rao [developer (moon phases)]

  • avatar of Cotta Ginader Cotta Ginader [Researcher]

  • avatar of Matt Harris Matt Harris [Tech support]

  • avatar of Dayong Huang Dayong Huang [translator Chinese]

  • avatar of Adel Shehadeh Adel Shehadeh [translator Arabic]

  • avatar of Marcela Benitez Marcela Benitez [translator Spanish]

  • avatar of Hill Nguyen Hill Nguyen [translator Vietnamese]


$ sudo apt-get install nodejs npm


$ npm install -g express

$ npm install hbs

$ npm install yql

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