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Starter kit for building data-driven PHP5 web applications
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Isosceles: Starter kit for PHP5 webapps Build Status

Isosceles is an object-oriented, PHP5 web application starter kit based on ThinkUp's underpinnings. Isosceles provides a simple MVC framework, database agnosticism, caching, dynamic class loading, single-file configuration, URL routing and common actions like user signup, sign-in, and logging.

Isosceles' name refers to the architecture of New York City's One World Trade Center.


Isosceles is the PHP framework that runs ThinkUp, extracted and abstracted for reuse. It is nowhere near done. Its current feature set includes:


Isosceles' source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Develop Locally via Vagrant Virtual Machine


Set up Development Environment

Clone the repository:

$ git clone

$ cd isosceles

Spin up virtual machine: (first run takes awhile)

$ vagrant up

There is no step 3.


See Isosceles example web app in your browser:

Note: If doesn't resolve, make sure the following line is in your host computer's /etc/hosts file: default

Use the code editor and git client of your choice on your host machine. Edit files in the isosceles directory.

SSH in and run the tests

[host]  $ vagrant ssh
[guest] $ cd /var/www/; sudo phpunit tests


Adminer database admin:


Destroy virtual machine:

$ vagrant destroy

Note: This does not delete setup files or the contents of the default directory.


This Vagrant virtual machine was built with PuPHPet. To modify it for your own purposes, drag and drop puphpet/config.yaml onto ( in your web browser to regenerate.

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