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Add "Add new" option to projects and contexts spinners #121

ginatrapani opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Add "Add new" option to projects and contexts spinners

Should pop a dialog to enter the project/context name, and append the +project or @context text to the task text.


I think we should get rid of the spinner all together and replace it with a more appropriate widget.


Like what?


At the simplest form, a ListView.

The spinner is used to select just one item. If we only allowed the user to choose one project and one context, then it'll be fine.

The problem is this: select an item from the context spinner, it'll append it to the text. Opening the spinner again, the previous context is still selected. This and the radio button implies you can only select one item.

The other issue is I was thinking of making this a custom widget where you can add a new context/project right there from the list, no need for another dialog.


I agree that the spinners are not the best ui choice for the adding of projects/contexts. Look forward to seeing some ideas on replacements.


In that vain it might be nice if priority didn't append to the text box but instead the value in the spinner was used directly - it feels off how it is right now; of course then we would need to solve the "how to use F-Z" issue.


That's easy, just display one more priority higher than the highest one used thus far.. if the user has already used priorities A,B,C then in that list, display A,B,C,D.. This way users don't have priority gaps, unless they complete all the mid priority items before the higher and lower ones.


What is the added value of being able to add a context or project in the spinner? You can type it directly into the task you are creating. This sounds like a complicated solution to a non existing problem.


The thinking was that it's not obvious that to create a new context/project you can just manually enter it into the task, that the Add New would make it more obvious. Kind of like Gmail's "Manage Labels" area.

This is a really old issue, and I agree it doesn't seem like the biggest problem, or the best solution, Mark. Right now I'm thinking a more robust help area, or maybe a tutorial walkthrough might be a better approach.

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