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Filter options: "no project" and "no context". #206

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I am looking to use todo.txt-touch as my task manager, but I am finding that it misses a filter options that I need. My use scenario is to record the task as soon as they arrived. At that time I don't have time to sort them out into projects (in my case goal) and context, but once of week or day I would like to filter unsorted tasks and update them with right tags (+ or @). In CLI version I can use the inbox.txt file as work around, but in todo.txt-touch I am missing this option. In Android version of todo.txt I believe would be more elegant to add additional option to the filter GUI called "no project" and "no context". When the check box is checked todo.txt-touch should show tasks that don't have any project or context set.
It should look like something like this:

home [ ]
work [ ]


project A [ ]
project B [ ]



No I don't use the CLI at this moment. Currently I use "Task Coach" as my task manager. At this moment it has some basic support for todo.txt and very rough integration with todo.txt touch.
Personally, I like FranklinCovey Planner. They offer decent online service, but I never liked the idea to put my eggs into somebody's basket. I am trying to build my own and improved version of the planner. I tried many tools, but they proved to be more trouble because they use different workflows and adapting them results in significant overhead. I realize that only way to meet my goal is to build my own application from scratch. But again starting from scratch and try to create one more planning tool is kinda stupid. As result I decided that the best way is to fork several FOSS apps, build my system and then contribute my work back into upstream projects in order to make it more easy to maintain in the future. That is why I like todo.txt and bash/python CLI. I hope to find other people to join in this effort. I understand that todo.txt have other goals, but I was thinking that "no project" and "no context" filter would be useful for todo.txt users.
Let me describe my current prototype workflow:
1. Identify my values ... I will skip this step. For more see "Focus" by FranklinCovey.
2. Set goals ... I will skip this step too. For more see "Focus" by FranklinCovey.
3. Weekly planning:
3.1 Select roles on witch I will concentrate next week.
3.2 Select single task from my goals/roles an schedule them. In FranklinCovey planner they are called "Big Rocks". Usually those are task that are very important for me, but for many reasons they don't get done because they are not urgent. By doing this I ensure that I make real progress.
3.3 Review my master task list set priority and due days for all remaining tasks. When I promise to do something or identify a task I record the task into my master list. I don't have time to sort it at that time. I do this once a week. Here I need "no project"/"no context" filter.
4. Daily planning (more adapting)
4.1 Review my appointments for the day.
4.2 Make realistic list of tasks that could be done.
4.3. Sort them by priority and then by order of execution.

This will work only if I manage to automate several tasks like switching the filters and sort order based on my workflow steps (weekly, daily and master list). Also It should integrate with calender, mobile device and some type of goal tracking tool (this could be just a text report I think no fancy GUI needed). Also I would love to have automatic switch of context based on my location. For example: My current context are: @home, @work and @shopping. When I get home I want to see only due tasks that can be done at home. When I get to my office I want to see only tasks that I can get done while I am at work. When I get to the store to be reminded that I need to buy something.
That's it. It is easy... right?! ;)

Back to the current request. I think I could make change in my CLI version and send you patch. I notice that todo.txt touch have "no priority" filter option. I will try to see how is done there and extend it to project and context filters.

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