Dates across a month boundary show up with incorrect relative date. #289

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This was reported on the mailing list; since there has been no answer I'd like to formally track this here.

Hey guys,

The date is displaying incorrectly. For example, today (the 30th of
August) I set a task with the date of 1st of September and the
application shows the date as being "1 months ago".

I'd like to add that this is not just about dates in the future. Today, the 1st
of September, tasks entered on 31-Aug and 30-Aug both show up as "1 month ago",
whereas I expect them to read "yesterday" / "2 days ago", respectively. I
haven't looked into the source yet, but I suspect the logic focuses on the
difference in months instead of calculating the exact difference in days.

This is in Todo.txt Touch v1.0.1, but I remember seeing this from the very start
this feature was introduced.

inkarkat commented Jan 1, 2013

Another manifestation of the buggy time span display: On 01-Jan-2013, tasks with an age of a few days show up as "0 months ago" instead of "N days ago". Seems like the year boundary isn't properly accounted for, too.

ginatrapani closed this in #382 Jul 1, 2013

@ginatrapani ginatrapani added a commit that referenced this issue Jul 1, 2013

@ginatrapani ginatrapani Merge pull request #382 from chuckbjones/289-fix-relative-dates
Fix relative dates, closes #289
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