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SimpleNote sync #43

ginatrapani opened this Issue · 8 comments

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In addition to Dropbox, we may want to support SimpleNote syncing.


Adding support for multiple todo.txt file "carriers" would be nice, but requires better architecture of the app. Pulling Dropbox support out in discreet classes allows us to add interfaces for common functionality at a later time.

Also, how to handle login/logout of multiple api's (only one at a time to avoid horrible sync problems) is something that must be thought about more than just added by hacking at the code. Not that there's anything wrong with that, with this being a simple project and all.

(This was my quick thoughts; vote for keeping it in mind when fixing stuff, but not focusing on it - at least not until after a "first release").


I agree on all points. This is an idea for 2.0 "down the road," just something to keep in mind as we work now.


There sure is merit to adding a little functionality here which would allow one to avoid the need for other applications (e.g. - this could essentially replace functionality of apps like Catch, Epistle).

There's still a pretty material asynchronicity issue; it's pretty important to be able to touch all of these sorts of files while offline. Personally, I only have data service via wifi, so, at present, can't enter items whilst wandering about. Note that the same is true for Epistle, which also syncs via Dropbox.


Yep, offline use is Issue #51.


2013 Issue Tracker cleanup: Simplenote support would be great, but supporting multiple cloud providers is a bigger project than we can take on at the moment. Because we're thin on resources, for now the core team is focusing on refining the user experience syncing to Dropbox only.

Adding multiple cloud providers to the app is a difficult UI problem and would introduce a lot more code to maintain, so I'm going to close this ticket in order to focus on smaller improvements we can make to the current single-provider functionality.

@ginatrapani ginatrapani closed this

Simplenote also syncs with Dropbox so maybe there is a workaround. I would like the ability to add additional notes to individual todo items via a simplenote link to an editable note in simplenote.


Any updates on this?
I really like how handles todo.txt right in the webbrowser - no extra apps needed .
But the killer feature would be that my todo.txt would be synced into a text file in dropbox where I could also use ResophNotes to edit it. Am I missing something?


Maybe someone on the mailing list has an idea:

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