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ENH: Handle -h, shorthelp and help when a Fatal Error happens.
The user may need the help to solve any fatal error that appears while isn't properly set up. As the help actions do not depend on any setting that the fatal errors check, we can still invoke them.

Factor out dieWithHelp() and use that for printing the fatal errors.


Merge pull request #89 from inkarkat/individual-help-enhancement
Individual help enhancement


Merge pull request #89 from inkarkat/individual-help-enhancement
Individual help enhancement


FIX: Built-in action help for OS X.
POSIX sed doesn't support regex branches; I don't want to switch to modern regexp (via -E), since that makes more characters special. Rather, expand the alternatives into two sed commands.


completion: Add recommendation about where to put alias customization.
There was a discussion on the mailing list about upgrades and where to put it.


FIX: test-lib: Print differences when test_expect_output fails.
When the command-under-test fails with a non-zero exit code, neither the different exit code nor any output differences are printed. Also, there's a lot of duplication between test_expect_output and test_expect_code_and_output. So, let's fix both by delegating the first to the latter.


Allow use of post_filter_command for listall and listpri, too.
For ls / _list(), custom add-ons can use post_filter_command for additional filtering before the highlighting is applied. Let's allow that for listall and listpri, too, although they employ post_filter_command themselves.


FIX: todo_completion problem with Bash 3.1
Regexp matching changed from 3.1 to 3.2. Make it work for Bash 3.1 by using an intermediate variable, as in 394c4c7.


Minor: Move cleaninput call closer to sed command.
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