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Other Todo.txt Projects

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Other Todo.txt projects implemented in different languages.


You can do a search for "" at and there are a number of different flavors:

A more recent and still active version which allows for use with git can be found here:

This allows you to check into a git repository:

This is another version:

A GUI written in PySide(Qt)

This is my favorite version--it has extensions where you can add due date, links, percent done, etc.


There is a .NET Windows GUI app that sits in your system tray:

Windows PowerShell version (think for Windows):

Additionally, there was also an AutoHotKey gui version that was advertised a couple months back on the list--maybe it might meet your needs, if you're looking for more of a GUI version... (


A GNOME 3 extension allows you to manage your todo.txt from the titlebar.

KDE Akonadi

There is an initial Akonadi resource for todo.txt at:

TODO.txt todos are listed e.g. in Korganizer.

Online / Html

Bulldog is an HTML viewer for todo.txt files:


Todo.txt-Enyo, for WebOS:

Windows Phone 7/8: In the Windows Phone Store and


Emacs major mode for editing todo.txt files:

Emacs-based application for managing your todo.txt file:

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