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History / The Todo.txt Format

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@ginatrapani ginatrapani Specify that values in key:value pairs can't contain whitespace or colons 894fdf7
@ginatrapani ginatrapani Project/context clarification 8303b7e
@ginatrapani ginatrapani Clarify project and context formats. aac7b79
@ginatrapani ginatrapani Clarify phrasing 4086109
@ginatrapani ginatrapani Remove duplicate phrase 1bce0e9
@ginatrapani ginatrapani Add notes and reasoning around order of metadata in completed tasks. ec2113f
@DavidMetcalfe DavidMetcalfe Grammar fix. 142c22c
@DavidMetcalfe DavidMetcalfe In the original format, the incomplete task should be a completed task based on the description (lowercase x followed by space). fe59562
@artloder artloder Updated The Todo.txt Format (textile) 7d887ad
@MartinSGill MartinSGill Attempt to remove some potential ambiguity. 8f72d2c
@ginatrapani ginatrapani Added format goals; updated number of years; removed unnecessary words. 7392d0b
@kmcallister kmcallister Remove nonsense about a mythical "plain text" format existing "since the dawn of computing"... UTF-8 is less than 20 years old and there are still many incompatible encodings in use 86c8c6c
@ginatrapani ginatrapani Made example todo.txt contents more readable 797326e
@ginatrapani ginatrapani Clarified case sensitivity of x on completed tasks d8210ea
@potherca potherca Merging the The-Todo.txt-Format from both CLI and Touch Projects, as per 8082c06
@ginatrapani ginatrapani Migrated from the-todotxt-format v2 58bb68e
@ginatrapani ginatrapani Migrated from the-todotxt-format v1 d9436ea
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