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ISABEL Compilation and Installation Instructions
These instructions works under latest Linux.
They may work under Darwin.
There are parts that can be compiled under Windows XP/Vista.
Note: if you want to compile just a piece of code, it is mandatory
to set the PROJECT_ROOT_DIR environment variable to point
to the directory in which the ISABEL sources are located.
0) Before trying to compile, be sure that latest 'isabel-devel'
is installed
1) Type 'make' to create the object files.
First time, a 'Makefile.user' is created, edit as your convenience.
The compilation process is usually place at
'/usr/tmp/WHATEVER/objects-Linux' in Linux systems,
'/usr/tmp/WHATEVER/objects-Darwin' in MacOS systems, etc.
2) Type 'make distrib' to copy object and configuration files.
3) Then type 'sudo make install' to all binaries, and libraries you built,
configuration and activities files and GNOME menus.
4) 'make clean' and 'make cleanall' removes as much as they can.
The command 'sudo make uninstall' removes installed ISABEL from the computer.
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