Finishing Social Cheesecake integration: Adding and editing sectors/subsectors #230

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I've been working with the SocialCheesecake but it's not finished. I will be completing this issue to create a roadmap of what is still missing to fullfil this task.

SocialCheesecake can be found in the path /cheesecake of social_stream

UI is almost complete, with a dynamic form and serveral graphic improvements to make it attractive. What is missing is mainly core functionality.

In order to be able to take care of this task is recommended a good knowledge of javascript.


  • Permission fiedls in javascript:

Right now the sector_form has the permissions field with several graphic improvements, but there is no field in the Cheesecake subsectors to save it. As it should not be added to the library itself, you have to use an extra field in Subsector (create it if doesn't exist) and design the best way to save it. Probably and Array. This is heavily linked with next step.

  • Save sector_form values in cheesecake:

Any change made to cheesecake sectors (i.e. adding a new sector, a new subsector, editing the name or permissions) must be save in cheesecake as it is done with actors (this is done and working). Changes are commited only when when using "Save Changes" button, and meanwhile stored in Cheescake object.

  • Cheesecake controller extension:

The cheesecake controller right now only process the users movements in cheesecake (i.e. Users moved between subsectors, User deleted, etc) but doesn't process any sector information. This point aims to take all the values stored in cheesecake in the previous step and turn them into database modifications.

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@atd atd Remove Cheesecake
Social Cheesecake was not finished and will be removed from 2.0
Closes #230
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