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Multifunctional gallery for MooTools 1.3+.

Cross Browser: IE6+, FF2+, Safari3+, Opera9+, Chrome


How to use

`<div class="gallery">`
    `<div class="holder">`
            `<li><img src="../Source/Assets/img1.jpg" alt="image description" width="240" height="180" /></li>`
    `<a href="#" class="prev">prev</a>`
    `<a href="#" class="next">next</a>`

.gallery { width: 960px; }
.gallery .holder {
    width: 100%;
    position: relative;
    overflow: hidden;
.gallery .holder ul {
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;
    list-style: none;
    width: 99999px;
.gallery .holder ul li { float: left; }

window.addEvent("domready", function() {
    var gallery = new slideGallery(element [, options]);
window.addEvent("domready", function() {
    var gallery = new fadeGallery(element [, options]);

    - element [string, element] - reference to the element object.
    - options [object]
        - holder [string] - class or node for holder. Default ".holder"
        - elementsParent [string] - class or node for slides(elements) holder. Default "ul"
        - elements [string] - class or node of elements. Default "li"
        - nextItem [string] - class or node of the button Next. Default ".next"
        - prevItem [string] - class or node of the button Prev. Default ".prev"
        - stop [string] - class or node of Stop button. Default ".stop"
        - start [string] - class or node of Play button. Default ".start"
        - speed [integer] - speed of sliding in ms. Default 600
        - steps [integer] - quantity of elements which are scrolled for one step. Default 1
        - current [integer] - number of an element with which begins scrolling. Default 0
        - currentClass [string] - className of an element with which begins scrolling. Default "current"
        - transition [object] - transition effect. Default "sine:in:out"
        - direction [string: "horizontal", "vertical"] - sliding direction. Default "horizontal"
        - mode [string: "callback", "circle", "line"] - sliding mode. Default "callback"
        - nextDisableClass [string] - className for the button Next in a disabled state. Default "next-disable"
        - prevDisableClass [string] - className for the button Prev in a disabled state. Default "prev-disable"
        - random [boolean] - random set of slides. Default false
        - paging [boolean] - on\off handles. Default false
        - pagingEvent [string] - event which fire the paging. Default "click"
        - pagingHolder - class or node for paging holder. Default ".paging"
        - autoplay [boolean] - on\off autoplay. Default false
        - autoplayOpposite [boolean] - on\off opposite autoplay. Default false
        - duration [integer] - autoplay interval in ms. Default 4000
        - stopOnHover  [boolean] - on\off scrolling when the cursor over gallery. Default true
        - onStart [function] - callback ones after initialization
        - onPlay [function] - callback after each scrolling


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