Mac OS X Dictionary containing Emoji and their meanings
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Mac OS X Dictionary containing Emoji and their meanings

Installing the dictionary

Pick one method of installation: using, Terminal, or Finder.


  1. Download and run it
  2. Click "Add Dictionary"
  3. Select Emojipedia
  4. Click "Add"

Using Terminal

  1. Install using homebrew caskroom brew cask install emojipedia

Using Finder

  1. Download and unzip it
  2. Copy Emojipedia.dictionary to ~/Library/Dictionaries
  3. Launch
  4. In Dictionary > Preferences, scroll to the bottom of the list and check the Emojipedia dictionary to enable it
  5. Optional: drag the Emojipedia dictionary entry to change the order of dictionaries

Using the dictionary

Try looking up the meaning of these emoji as a test: 😍 🔰 💮 💩

  • Right-click on the emoji and choose the Look Up menu item
    (on a track pad you can also use a Three Finger Tap or Force Click)
  • Press Cmd+Ctrl+D whilst pointing the mouse cursor at the emoji to display a popup
  • Launch Dictionary and type the emoji into the search field


Contextual menu Look Up
Dictionary lookup

Dicationary Popup
Dictionary popup


Number of Emoji included: 2623
Emoji Data: v5


  • Emoji display
  • Descriptive name
  • Hyperlinked keywords
  • Link to read more at Emojipedia


  • Add long descriptions and other data provided by Emojipedia
  • Add translations
  • Add language toggle

Editing the dictionary

The following steps are only required if you wish to modify the dictonary.

Feel free to send Pull Requests for items on the todo list!


Auxiliary Tools for Xcode 7 (contains the Dictionary Development Kit)


  1. Copy contents of Auxiliary_Tools_for_Xcode_7.dmg to /Applications/Auxiliary Tools/
  2. Download this project and unzip
  3. Open Terminal and cd to project directory
  4. Run (this will build and install the dictionary)
  5. In Dictionary > Preferences, scroll to the bottom of the list and activate the Emojipedia dictionary (only required once)


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