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Contents/Language Modules


This package lets you to use the Mac OS X editor BBEdit as an IDE for the monkey programming language.

Created by Matt Sephton,


Syntax Colouring
Easily see the difference between keywords, constants, strings and comments

Easy Source Navigation
Navigate around your source using the index of functions, classes and methods

Auto Completion of Keywords
Pause whilst typing a keyword to see a list of matches for you to choose from

Context Sensitive Help
View the monkey module docs in your web browser by using the context menu "Find in Reference" on any keyword

Build/Run scripts
Quick and easy full build, or a quicker update and run using scripts

Configurable Shortcut Keys
...and more!

To do

  • Build System Scripts (Build, Update & Run)
  • Clippings (code snippets)
  • ctags?


$ cd Library/Application\ Support/BBEdit/
$ mkdir Packages # if it doesn't already exists
$ cd Packages
$ git clone

And restart BBEdit.

Color Scheme

As a nice little bonus, I've also converted my preferred theme to a BBEdit Color Scheme:


If you don't own BBEdit but fancy trying some of the functions of this package, give TextWrangler a whirl.


monkey.bbpackage is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.


You can talk about the package on the official monkey forum




  • Added DrawPoint (v50)


  • Added FirstNode, LastNode, NextNode, PrevNode, Exp (v45c)
  • Added DisableKeyboard, EnableKeyboard (v45)
  • Added ACosr, ASinr, ATan2r, ATanr, Cosr, Sinr, Tanr (v44)
  • Added DrawPoly (v43)
  • Added App: UpdateRate
  • Added Audio: music commands (v35), Discard
  • Added Graphics: DeviceHeight, DeviceWidth, Frames, HandleX, HandleY, Height, Width
  • Added Lang: Print, Length, Resize, Compare, ToLower, ToUpper, Trim
  • Added List: Backwards, Clear, Count, First, IsEmpty, Last, LastNode, ObjectEnumerator, RemoveFirst, RemoveLast, Value, ToArray
  • Added Map: Set, Values, Key
  • Added Random: Seed
  • Added Set: Insert
  • Added Stack: Insert, Pop, Push, Top