Kongreg8 is a church member database system
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Kongreg8 OS2
Kongreg8 Church Member Database System - Open Source Edition 2

Kongreg8 is a church member database system allowing administrators the opportunity to control and manage their member information more efficiently and more effectively than paper-based alternatives. It is a web-based application featuring a variety of modules and functions that reduce the administration overhead for churches.
Kongreg8 was developed out of a need to control and maintain member information in the author's church. It was initially developed to simply hold information centrally for administration staff without their own office but quickly grew in complexity in response to required statistical or reporting information. Since its early beginning it grew to become a system that can actively support administrators in their role and reduce the time taken to find essential information. It was designed to ensure access whenever and wherever you are to your member information. After running hosting for a few UK churches, the system was opened up to the planet as an open source release. This has been maintained on-and-off since it first appeared on SourceForge.net Over the years churches have contacted the author requesting changes or upgrades or bug fixes.
Kongreg8 OS2
Kongreg8 is under redevelopment from the grass-roots upwards. Open Source 2 (OS2) edition is the culmination of feedback from global users of the software, a reaction to the age of the system , a reaction to the quick and dirty build of the original system. It is being built to provide a better platform for developers as well as increasing the functionality available to church administration teams. A variety of new features take Kongreg8 OS2 forward in leaps and bounds, aimed at providing more control and flexibility in a platform that is designed to be easy to use, easy to understand.

Upgrading to the new version:
Please note - this is not an in-place upgrade for Kongreg8 1.7.x or earlier versions. The database model has changed significantly and will not operate correctly. If you are upgrading from a previous version please note there are new tables and modifications to the previous tables which will require you to manually edit your database model.