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Fix my nick. I swear I should drop my nick and just start going by 'J…

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1 parent f89fb4f commit 1ec54d5c67384010f470dc3b6785ef6f317aa834 @VxJasonxV VxJasonxV committed Apr 28, 2009
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0.0.5 Release
- Merge from vxjasonvx
+ Merge from VxJasonxV
Copy examples to /examples
Add a development section with info about rake tasks etc.
Look at api_key and secret_key

2 comments on commit 1ec54d5


VxJasonxV replied Apr 7, 2010

It just occurred to me how bitchy this commit message sounded. I totally didn't mean it like that :D.

Fix my nick = my own commit message.
I swear I should drop [...] = an expression/thought that I've had for a long long time running. I'm typically pretty expressive :P.

I hope you didn't feel insulted or frustrated with me or anything. I apologize for having come off in that manner.


gingerhendrix replied Apr 12, 2010

Not at all. I like commit messages with personality. Glad to have your fixes.

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