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[re2 正则库](
-[Russ Cox' entry page for things regular expressions](
+[Russ Cox 收集的有关正则表达式的入口页](
-Mark McGranaghan set up a nice website with Go examples. There is also a
-[page on regular expressions](
+Mark McGranaghan 创建的一个很棒的 Go 语言程序例子的网站。这里也有一页
-Rob Pike has more to say about [Regular expressions in lexing and parsing](
+Rob Pike 有话说:关于 [用正则进行词法分析和解析(lexing and parsing](
-If you have a Go related problem that you cannot solve alone, you want to go to
-[Golang-Nuts mailing list](
-But you probably already knew that.
+如果碰到有关 Go 的问题,你自己解决不了了,你可以去
+[Golang-Nuts 邮件列表](
-[Perl regexp tutorial]( For inspiration.
+[Perl 正则教程]( 去寻找点灵感吧。(译注:作为一个 Perler,我很欣慰 ^_^)
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