OATH HOTP/TOTP implementation in python



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OATH HOTP/TOTP implementation in python

based on http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4226 http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6238

parameter and function names kept inline with the rfc (e.g. hotp, truncate, k, c etc)

also including a simple unit test based on test vectors in the RFC


from hotpie import HOTP, TOTP

key = 'secret'
HOTP(key, 0)             # '814628'
HOTP(key, 0, digits=8)   # '31814628'
HOTP(key, 13, digits=8)  # '81315566'
TOTP(key, digits=6)      # <time-based-value>

# you can also use different hash implementations by passing `digestmod`
# (RFC4226 only specifies SHA-1,
#  but RFC6238 explicitly mentions SHA-256 and SHA-512)
from hashlib import sha512, sha256

HOTP(key, 0, digits=8, digestmod=sha512)
TOTP(key, digits=8, digestmod=sha256)


To run the tests, simply run python ./hotpie.py