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Hyperlink Helper.tmbundle @ a728441
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Installer.tmbundle @ 71a04a7
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Java.tmbundle @ bc1ea67
JavaScript Flash.tmbundle @ 6de04f8
JavaScript Objective-J.tmbundle @ 3f1e939
JavaScript Prototype & @ 50609a4
JavaScript jQuery.tmbundle @ e277e98
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OpenGL.tmbundle @ 47584af
Outlines.tmbundle @ 14a2e6e
PHP.tmbundle @ a673881
Perl.tmbundle @ 347b197
Property List.tmbundle @ 85a64c5
Python.tmbundle @ 69d6253
RegularExpressions.tmbundle @ 5be2018
Ruby on Rails.tmbundle @ 7c410a0
Ruby.tmbundle @ daad8ef
S5.tmbundle @ 4e68310
SQL.tmbundle @ 899f344
SSH-Config.tmbundle @ 5a459b4
Save-On-Focus-Lost.tmbundle @ a9a19b1
ShellScript.tmbundle @ 6df0455
TODO.tmbundle @ 8e1dfa3
TerminalMate.tmbundle @ e91dfb5
Text.tmbundle @ 3a8ba6e
TextMate.tmbundle @ 8899267
Textile.tmbundle @ 8bd48cc
XML.tmbundle @ 9883e0a
Xcode.tmbundle @ 3eac1e6
YAML.tmbundle @ 8f85f91



This is a meta-project containing TextMate bundles as submodules.

It serves as an index and easy way to checkout a lot of “recommended” bundles.

Using This Project

To checkout this project and all bundles it links to:

git clone git://
cd bundles
git submodule update --init

Getting Your Bundle Added

If you have a bundle and think it should be included then fork this project and run:

git submodule add «public url» «name».tmbundle
git commit

In the commit message make the first line (summary) a short description of your bundle. In the list it will be shown after your bundle so make it as descriptive as possible.

Things worth mentioning in the summary are if the bundle is for a programming language, build system, markup language, (javascript) framework, database system, related to web development, etc.

After committing your change you can push to GitHub and send us a pull request.