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C8 = C(omponent - 8 letters)

C8 is a component(1) build server. It detects component by github-like url, build it and returns build.js and build.css.


Lets take a look, how it works for yields/select.

We have c8 started on We can publish component with simple curl command:

$ curl -d "repo=yields/select"

Not we have:

Another one nice feature of c8 is /concat.js and /concat.css. It allows you to get concatenated & minified version of components group with two fast requests.

For example we want to get specific build of amazing UI components by yields:

  1. js files:,yields/sortable,yields/editable,yields/select-reflect
  2. css files:,yields/sortable,yields/editable,yields/select-reflect

Future work

  • host on
  • support /yields/select-standalone{.min}.js
  • figure out the way to compile .styl, .hbs and etc
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