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dotfiles for my linux setups 🐧
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This repository contains most if not all of the dotfiles/config files I use on my machine. Screenshots included below. Configs can mostly be found in the .config/ dir, with the exception being vim, with .vim/ containing those files.


Some things I use:


Objective, non-controversial statement: vim is the best text editor. I can't use other programs/editors like vscodium without installing a plugin for vim keybindings. vim has increased my productivity since learning to use it, and it still feels like I'm learning a new vim trick every day. You can find my .vimrc in this repository. Plugins I use for vim:

I typically use VimAwesome to find new plugins. Most of the plugins I use today were either recommended by friends who found them on this site, or I found them myself on this site.


I use i3-gaps as my window manager. I don't think I've changed much to the default config. I've added some custom keybinds and replaced the i3bar with polybar.


I recently switched over to xfce's terminal from st. st was just a bit too much for my needs, and made some things more difficult than they needed to be (i.e., scrolling in the terminal). xfce has already proven to be much more fitting for my use case. I use the Nord theme for xfce-terminal with some extra tweaks to the background coloration to fit in with the rest of my overall theme.

I use a custom PS1 that can be found in my .bashrc. A handy bash function I have for parsing git branches is in there as well. It makes keeping track of the branch I'm on in a repo/project much easier. I recently added a check to allow for it to ignore this repo, since it's in my home dir :)

parse_git_branch() {
	if [ $(git remote get-url origin | sed -En 's/.*[/](.*)/\1/p') != dotfiles.git ]; then
		git branch 2> /dev/null | sed -e '/^[^*]/d' -e 's/* \(.*\)/ (\1)/'


Most of my changes to polybar are purely aesthetic. I use Material Icons instead of the default, and I've changed some coloring up to match the rest of my theme.


rofi is a dmenu replacement, and a good one at that. Here's what it looks like with some dracula theming:

Again, just some aesthetic changes to fit my theme.

I use rofimoji so I can more easily copy-paste emojis or insert them in text. Having come from macOS, this is more or less a replacement to the Ctrl-Cmd-Space keybind for pulling up the emoji keyboard.


I use ranger as my filemanager, a Python project that I have actually contributed to (barely but hey anything counts in open source 😄). I don't use it particularly often, but it is definitely handy when I need to quickly view an image, gif, or video. Gotta love those vim keybindings, they make everything better.

Other cool stuff I use

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