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GiniVision SDK for iOS Swift Example App

This is an example app for the GiniVision SDK for iOS in Swift. Over there you can find our example app in Objective-C. Also see for further documentation.

Before You Can Run The App

In order to use the Gini SDK you have to edit the GINIDempoAppDelegate.swift file and replace the values of your_gini_client_id and your_gini_client_secret in application(_:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:) with valid credentials. Please send an email to if you haven't received credentials yet.

For the Gini Vision Library you have to enter valid credentials into the file. Afterwards rename it to

Build & Install the App

Go into the project directory and enter:

	$ sh

This will install all dependencies. If you haven't used CocoaPods before, follow the guide on

After installing you can run the Gini Demo app.


A demo application to show the integration and functionality of the Gini Vision Library and Gini SDK for iOS with Swift.



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