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SSID Metrics

Python script to collate and parse PineAP log files. Output is written to a tab-delimited data file. Data file is additive and stores only unique values. Log contains:

MAC - Hashed MAC address
Event - Captured event type (Probe, Association)
SSID - ESSID name of the Wireless AP
Maker - Device manufacturer, based on OUI lookup

Metrics option displays the most common SSIDs, most common device manufacturers, and the average number of SSIDs per device.

usage: [-h] [-m [METRICS]] [-o] [-t] [-d DATA] [-c CORRELATE] [-r] [-v] [pineaplog [pineaplog ...]

PineAP log consolidation and metrics

positional arguments: pineaplog PineAP log file(s)

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit

-m [METRICS], --metrics [METRICS] Show metrics; limit results to specified value (Zero for all)

-o, --oui Do not perform device manufacturer lookup (Default: False)

-t, --test Parse but do not save data file (Default: False)

-d [DATA], --data [DATA file] Use existing data file

-c [CORRELATE], --correlate [CORRELATE log file] Check log against data file for matching MACs

-r, --report Display Events by SSID and client count

-v, --version Displays the current version of SsidyMetrics