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Samples for creating CD pipelines in Jenkins
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Samples for creating CD pipelines in Jenkins using Terraform


Sample pipeline script for jenkins deployments.


Backs up the JENKINS_HOME folder to S3.


Deploy an ECS cluster to AWS using terraform. The pipeline pulls the tools from git, copies artifacts from upstream projects, and uses terraform to deploy the cluster.

deploy upstream

A generic script to deploy based on an upstream job, importing the artifacts which specify the builds to deploy using terraform.


Destroys the test cluster. This build can be scheduled in Jenkins to run over-night to tear down on demand environments.


A sample pipeline script for a microservice, which tags and publishes the images and archives an artifact containing the tag for downstream builds to import.


A tool for managing terraform source and sample code for creating and deploying an ECS cluster to AWS.

Folder Structure

  • terraform/config - config files for a set of terraform resources. For regional stacks create a folder for the region and create the stack folder under there: e.g. config/ap-southeast-2/stack-name.

  • src - terraform source code for stacks of resources

  • src/modules - reusable modules

Config folders should contain two files:

  • - configure terraform and backend state
  • variables.tfvars - variables to configure your stack


./orchestrate - A tool to manage orchestration of terraform source code.

Run as follows: TF_USER=yourname ./orchestrate plan appcluster-test ap-southeast-2

Run the tool with no parameters for further instructions.

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