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A terraform project for provisioning an rstudio server of the desired size
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Quickly create an RStudio server on AWS using one of the great ami's from Louis Aslett

Usage: terraform plan -out=terraform.plan -var-file=variables.tfvars
terraform apply terraform.plan

local_ip - the local IP address to be given SSH access
region - the aws region for the deployment
instance_type - the type of instance to create. see:
zone - the availability zone the server should be created in
disk_size - the size of the EBS volume to provision
keep_data - whether the EBS volume should be kept on server termination
keypair_name - the pre-created key pair name to use
private_key - the private key to use to connect via ssh, i.e. the key from the key pair
rstudio_password - the password to set for RStudio server

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