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Translink Alerts

Get status from Alerts & Advisories page.

Note that this is an UNOFFICIAL library.


$ npm install

Then you can use it via require('translink-alerts').


Do TransAlert.get() and check data which is passed through via callback function.

See an example.

var TransAlert = require('translink-alerts');

TransAlert.get(function(obj) {
    var storage =;
    for (var title in storage) {
        var data = storage[title];
        if (data.fine) {
            console.log('', data.title);
        else {
            console.log('', data.title, ':', data.outline);
                .forEach((line)=>console.log('\t', line));
✘ Bus : Service disruptions
         Due to construction on Ewen the following detours will apply 7:30am to 5:30pm
         104 Annacis Island Regular route to Ewen & Pembina then via Pembina, Dyke, Derwent then regular route.
         104 22nd Street Station Regular route to Ewen & Derwent then via Derwent, Dyke, Pembina, Ewen then regular route.
✔ SkyTrain
✔ SeaBus
✔ West Coast Express
✔ West Van Blue Bus
✘ Information Services : FareSaver Update.
         FareSavers do not expire and continue to be accepted on bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus and HandyDART. Customers are encouraged to use up their FareSavers and then switch to Compass.
✔ HandyDART