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@gioblu gioblu released this Sep 6, 2016 · 2364 commits to master since this release

PJON Protocol layer specification released v0.1 - v0.2 - v0.3
Padded jittering data link layer specification released v0.1


  • Complete data link layer abstraction. Now a strategy includes configuration and communication pin setter, i.e. bus.strategy.set_pin(12) and the send_string method to ease other strategies creation or extension (why not an Ethernet strategy?).
  • Packet sending optimization. From PJON v5.0 the packet is composed, and its CRC calculated, once, when dispatched. The PJON_Packet buffer has been simplified and the packet's additional info saved in the content attribute with the information.
  • Documentation in readme to handle more efficiently versioning and avoid duplication
  • Dropped pow substituted by value * value because of its memory footprint
  • Definitions moved in PJONDefines.h
  • Because of a more optimized execution timing the necessity of a pull-down resistor for OverSampling and SoftwareBitBang strategy is reduced, and in many cases also a complex bus can run without it
  • Methods in alphabetic order
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