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@gioblu gioblu released this Feb 18, 2017 · 2044 commits to master since this release


  • State machine optimization, about -200 bytes program memory (954152e)
  • Back-off is now a property of strategies to more efficiently handle retransmissions
  • AnalogSampling strategy added able to communicate wirelessly with LEDs, lasers and photodiodes.
  • Memory footprint optimization excluding unused strategies by @4ib3r (b5e6f34)
  • OverSampling now supports long range half-duplex communication (#91)
  • ATtiny85 external 16MHz compatible with SoftwareBitBang (c3a77c8)
  • ATmega1280/2560 and ATmega16/32U4 now compatible with OverSampling (9507cfc)
  • PJON_ prefix added to constants and types to avoid naming collision with third-party codebases
  • digitalWriteFast renamed in PJON_IO to avoid collision with older or different versions
  • Documentation updated and expanded


  • Avoid ATtiny EthernetTCP/LocalUDP inclusion error
  • ESP8266 min/max bugfix by @fredilarsen
  • NodeMCU compilation error (61e7ffd)
  • send_repeatedly async_ack no error bugfix (f573f99)
  • ATmega8 pin handling bugfix (ee2a21c)
  • keyword file bugfix by @pantonvich (fad8c23)
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