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EdjNet's QuoteFinder

This is the repository for EdjNet's QuoteFinder, a dashboard that facilitates exploring multiple sources related to EU affairs.

It is deployed on EdjNet's website at this link: https://www.europeandatajournalism.eu/eng/Tools-for-journalists/Quote-Finder

The QuoteFinder is currently in beta: new features and sources will be added in the next few months.

Currently, the QuoteFinder allows to explore tweets posted by members of the European Parliament in the last three months. It is based on a dataset updated daily that includes about 80,000-100,000 posts. The scripts used to generate the dataset are available in a separate repository: https://github.com/giocomai/QuoteFinderScripts

Feedback and suggestions are welcome by filing an issue on GitHub, or by tweeting to the tool's author @giocomai.