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A simple static webserver with only one command. Heavily inspired by glance, this is really more of a learning experience then anything.


You can install from npm

npm install -g takeapeek


--directory, -d     The directory to serve          [string]  [default: "."]
--index, -i         Show directory indexs           [boolean] [default: true]
--hidden            Show hidden files               [boolean] [default: false]
--port, -p          The port the serve on                     [default: 3141]
--content-text, -t  Serve all files with content-type of 'text/plain'
                                                    [boolean] [default: false]
--quiet, -q         Print nothing                   [boolean] [default: false]
--help, -h          Prints help

Config files

takeapeek will automaticly check .takeapeek.json and ~/.takeapeek.json.


This repo is licensed under the MIT license. See ./LICENSE for the full text.

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