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Moved TODOs to GitHub issues

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commit b96a2da1587fb4be3124f6208f90b7d713bb1ed0 1 parent 554e790
Gioele authored
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6 fixmetodonotes.sty
@@ -1,12 +1,6 @@
-% TODO: make \FIXME and \TODO references to an abstract \@NOTE[FIXME, marginmarker] function
-% TODO: add arbitrary commands like XXX
-% TODO: ability to disable notes \RequirePackage[disabled/enabled]{fixmetodonotes}
-% TODO: option to convert FIXME and FIXME(foo) into \FIXME{} and \FIXME{foo} ('F' as active character)
-% TODO: \listofnotes after maketitle or toc (\listof{FIXME}, \listof{TODO}, ...)
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