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Open-source Cloud Gaming Service For Retro Games
Video demo:


This project aims to bring the most modern and convenient gaming experience to users as well as experiement the performance of Cloud-gaming technology. Theoretically, games are hosted on remote servers and media are streamed to the player in an optimal way to ensure the most comfortable user interaction. It opens the ability to play any retro games on your browser directly, which are fully compatible with multi-platform like Desktop, Android, IOS. This flexibility also enables online gaming experience to retro games.

Try the service at
Chrome and Chrome on Android is recommended. It's not working on Iphone and some other explorer. Click help button to see keyboard mapping.

*In ideal network condition and less resource contention, the game will run smoothly as in the video demo. Because there might be insufficient self-host servers in US East, US West, Eu, Singapore, you may experience some latency issues + connection problem. Please retry later in less peak hours. You can try hosting your own service following the instruction the next section to have a better sense of performance.

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  1. Cloud gaming: Game logic and storage is hosted on cloud service. It reduces the cumbersome of game initialization. Images and audio are streamed to user in the most optimal way using advanced encoding technology.
  2. Cross-platform compatibility: The game is run on web browser, the most universal built-in app. No console, plugin, external app or devices are needed. Chrome with the latest version and fully WebRTC support is recommended for the game.
  3. Emulator agnostic: The game can be played directly without any extra effort to set up the gaming emulator or platform.
  4. Vertically scaled: The infrastructure is designed to be able to scale under high traffic by adding more instances.
  5. Cloud storage: Game state is storing on online storage, so you can come back to continue playing in a game.
  6. Online multiplayer: Bring online multiplayer gaming to retro games. (In Road map)
  7. Collaborate gameplay: Follow the idea of "Twitch Plays Pokemon", multiple players can play the same game together (In Road map)

Run on local by Docker

You try running the server yourself by running make It will spawn a docker environment and you can access the service on localhost:8000.

Development environment

Install Golang . Because the project uses GoModule, so it requires Go1.11 version.

Install dependencies

# Ubuntu
apt-get install -y pkg-config libvpx-dev libopus-dev libopusfile-dev

# MacOS
brew install libvpx pkg-config opus opusfile

# Windows
... not tested yet ...

Because coordinator and workers needs to run simulateneously. Workers connects to coordinator.

  1. Script
  • make
  • The scripts spawns 2 processes one in background and one in foreground
  1. Manual
  • Need to run coordinator and worker separately in two session
  • go run cmd/main.go -overlordhost overlord - spawn coordinator
  • go run cmd/main.go -overlordhost ws://localhost:8000/wso - spawn workers connecting to coordinator





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