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The project follows semantic versioning. BC stands for an change that impacts Backward Compatibility.

  • PHP 7.3 support (#120).


  • PHP 7.2 support (#116, #114).
  • Annotations support: @eris-method, @eris-shrink, @eris-ratio, @eris-repeat, @eris-duration


  • Allowing use outside of PHPUnit through Eris\Facade.
  • Fixed bug: suchThat() fails to generated good values when all those from generator size 0 are exclude (#100).
  • PHPUnit 7.x support (#112, #113).
  • BC: dropped the deprecated Shrinker\Random.
  • BC: dropped the unused Generator::contains().


  • Using new multiple deterministic shrinking instead of random, being abandoned (#87).
  • Supporting PHPUnit 6.x (#96).
  • Supporting PHP 7.1 (#97).
  • Added Listener::onAttempt()
  • Fixed bug: pos() and neg() can shrink to 0 (#96).
  • Fixed bug: denominator in float generation can be 0 (#92).
  • Fixed bug: shrinking of date generation uses wrong operator precedence (#94).
  • Fixed bug: reproducible PHPUnit commands are not escaped correctly if they contain namespaced classes.
  • BC: minimumEvaluationRatio is now a method to be called, not a private field. Defaults to 0.5.
  • BC: GeneratedValue is now an interface and not a class.
  • BC: extended Listener::endPropertyVerification() with additional parameters $iterations and optional $exception.


  • Updated dependency on icomefromthenet/reverse-regex to solve warnings on PHP 7.
  • bind Generator.
  • Default string dump for Listener\collectFrequencies().
  • Optionally logging generations with hook(Listener\log($filename)).
  • disableShrinking() option.
  • limitTo() accepts a DateInterval too.
  • Configurability of randomness: choice between rand, mt_rand, and a pure PHP Mersenne Twister.
  • suchThat Generator accepts PHPUnit constraints like when().
  • Generator\constant() utility function.
  • Fixed bug of size not being fully explored due to slow growth.
  • Switched to PSR-2 coding standards and PSR-4 autoloading.
  • BC: frequency generator only accepts variadics args, not an array anymore.
  • BC: removed strictlyPos and strictlyNeg Generators as duplicated of pos and neg ones.
  • BC: removed andAlso, theCondition, andTheCondition, implies, imply aliases which no one uses. Added and for multiple preconditions.


  • associative, map, subSet, suchThat Generators.
  • Optionally limiting the number of generations with limitTo().
  • Optionally collecting generated data with hook(Listener\collectFrequencies()).
  • Support for listeners with startPropertyVerification, newGeneration and endPropertyVerification events.
  • BC: changed Generators API to use GeneratedValue objects.
  • BC: requiring PHP 5.5 or newer.
  • BC: dropped array single parameter in forAll().


  • PHP 7 compatibility.
  • Renaming all Generator classes to *Generator.


  • Generators are now based on size, an increasing random parameter.
  • choose() new Generator to get integers inside a fixed range.
  • PHPUnit 5.x is supported.
  • set new Generator.
  • Differentiating pos, nat, neg Generators.
  • GeneratorSampleTest to get sample output from Generators.


  • Showing generated input with ERIS_ORIGINAL_INPUT=1.
  • names and date (DateTime) new Generators.
  • tuple Generator supports variadic arguments.
  • Shrinking respects when() clauses.
  • Dates and sorting examples.


  • forAll() accepts multiple arguments instead of an array.
  • byte Generator.


  • frequency and oneOf Generators that combine other Generators.
  • sequence Generator for lists of constant type and variable size.
  • char Generators with printableCharacter Antecedent.
  • int, pos, neg and float Generators.
  • regex Generator to build strings satisfying a regular expression.
  • Shrinking respects an optional maximum time limit ($this->shrinkingtimeLimit).


  • Generators now use the Generator\nat(...) syntax.
  • Added bool, constant, elements, string, tuple Generators.
  • Improved shrinking by performing it on all involved Generators.
  • Reproducibility with ERIS_SEED.


  • forAll() and then() syntax.
  • natural and vector Generators.
  • when() for constraints.
  • Basic best-effort shrinking.
  • sample() and sampleShrink() for Generators.
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