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PHPUnit-Selenium Build Status

This package contains a Selenium2TestCase class that can be used to run end-to-end tests against Selenium 2.


Use Composer and run composer require --dev phpunit/phpunit-selenium.


  • Version 9.x supports PHPUnit 9.x and is compatible with PHP 7.3+
  • Version 8.x supports PHPUnit 8.x and is compatible with PHP 7.2+
  • Version 7.x supports PHPUnit 7.x and is compatible with PHP 7.1+

Older unsupported lines which will probably see no new releases:

  • 4.x mainline supports (only) PHPUnit 6.x. This version is only compatible with PHP 7
  • 3.x: supports PHPUnit 5.x. Only compatible with PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.
  • 2.x: supports PHPUnit >= 4.8 instead.

Both these supported lines only work with the Selenium 2 API, using the Selenium2TestCase class.

The old line 1.x is not maintained anymore, but will continue to be available for usage of SeleniumTestCase.

Please direct pull requests to giorgiosironi/phpunit-selenium for automated testing upon merging. Pull requests should be feature branches containing all the commits you want to propose.

Running the test suite

Via Vagrant

Just run the following Vagrant commands (a minimal version of v1.7 is required) and everything will be set up for you. The first start will take some time which depends on the speed of your connection (and less - speed of your computer):

vagrant up
vagrant provision
vagrant ssh

cd /vagrant
vendor/bin/phpunit Tests