Golang bindings for FFmpeg
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Golang binding for FFmpeg

A comprehensive binding to the ffmpeg video/audio manipulation library.

Reviving this project -- if you like to contribute, please email me habtom@giorgis.io



import "github.com/giorgisio/goav/avformat"

func main() {

	filename := "/home/giorgis/media/sample.mp4"

	// Register all formats and codecs

	// Open video file
	if avformat.AvformatOpenInput(&ctxtFormat, filename, nil, nil) != 0 {
		log.Println("Error: Couldn't open file.")

	// Retrieve stream information
	if ctxtFormat.AvformatFindStreamInfo(nil) < 0 {
		log.Println("Error: Couldn't find stream information.")




  • avcodec corresponds to the ffmpeg library: libavcodec [provides implementation of a wider range of codecs]
  • avformat corresponds to the ffmpeg library: libavformat [implements streaming protocols, container formats and basic I/O access]
  • avutil corresponds to the ffmpeg library: libavutil [includes hashers, decompressors and miscellaneous utility functions]
  • avfilter corresponds to the ffmpeg library: libavfilter [provides a mean to alter decoded Audio and Video through chain of filters]
  • avdevice corresponds to the ffmpeg library: libavdevice [provides an abstraction to access capture and playback devices]
  • swresample corresponds to the ffmpeg library: libswresample [implements audio mixing and resampling routines]
  • swscale corresponds to the ffmpeg library: libswscale [implements color conversion and scaling routines]


[FFMPEG INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS] (https://github.com/FFmpeg/FFmpeg/blob/master/INSTALL.md)

sudo apt-get -y --force-yes install autoconf automake build-essential libass-dev libfreetype6-dev libsdl1.2-dev libtheora-dev libtool libva-dev libvdpau-dev libvorbis-dev libxcb1-dev libxcb-shm0-dev libxcb-xfixes0-dev pkg-config texi2html zlib1g-dev

sudo apt-get install yasm

export FFMPEG_ROOT=$HOME/ffmpeg
export CGO_LDFLAGS="-L$FFMPEG_ROOT/lib/ -lavcodec -lavformat -lavutil -lswscale -lswresample -lavdevice -lavfilter"
export CGO_CFLAGS="-I$FFMPEG_ROOT/include"
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$HOME/ffmpeg/lib
go get github.com/giorgisio/goav

More Examples

Coding examples are available in the examples/ directory.


  • Function names in Go are consistent with that of the libraries to help with easy search
  • cgo: Extending Go with C
  • goav comes with absolutely no warranty.


  • Fork this repo and create your own feature branch.
  • Follow standard Go conventions
  • Test your code.
  • Create pull request


  • Returning Errors
  • Garbage Collection
  • Review included/excluded functions from each library
  • Go Tests
  • Possible restructuring packages
  • Tutorial01.c
  • More Tutorial


This library is under the MIT License