Repository of the Yii Playground project


Yii Playground is a demo application that uses the PHP Yii Framework to show some features of the framework starting from basic examples. It doesn't do nothing useful but it is great to play with as you learn how things works downloading and editing the code.

Live demo:
Live demo (Yii 2 version):

Intro video:


  • modular, with small examples for each topic
  • write the code once and then it will be showed, live from the source, on your demo page (so if you update the source you don't have to update the documentation too / each time)
  • community oriented: just join, request write access, and commit your snippet
  • "wiki style" shared project using git


  • always compatible with the last stable Yii version: all examples will have to be current and working
  • easy to understand examples
  • examples should follow "best practices" and should show the best or one of the best ways of doing that particular thing; more experienced users can supervise on this