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Web application to manage a Swiss-system tournament with multiple distinct tables
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Multi-table Tournament

Web application to manage a Swiss-like tournament where matches are played at different tables, and every team should play at most once at every table.

Local testing

To run the application locally: clone the repository, install the requirements (Python 3 is needed), and then issue the following commands.

python migrate
python createsuperuser
python runserver

From now on, everything can be done from the web interface, on the /admin/ page. However, you can also use the following command-line scripts to populate the database.

  • python NAME Create a tournament with the given name.
  • python NUM_TEAMS NUM_PLAYERS NUM_TABLES Generate NUM_TEAMS teams, each having NUM_PLAYERS players, and also generate NUM_TABLES tables.
  • python Create a new round for the latest tournament (uses teams and tables already present in the database, as well as previous rounds).
  • python Generate random results for all existing matches.

The public page (with rounds and scoreboard) is available at /.

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