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Release Notes


  • Same as 6.0.0-alpha-2


  • Added setContentType handler
  • Made the RecyclableMemoryStreamManager configurable through DI
  • Improved Xml.Serializer to also make use of the RecyclableMemoryStreamManager


Upgraded to .NET 6 and F#'s new native task computation expression.


Stable release of latest 5.0.0 RC with additional XML comment fixes to comply with latest F# compiler services.


Updated Ply from 0.1.* to 0.3.*.


Replaced TaskBuilder.fs with Ply for Giraffe's task computation expressions. Please see #421 for more information.

This was a change long in the making and has been factored into the 5.0.0 release. Ply is being actively developed by Crowded and has better exception stack traces for task computations and several performance improvements over TaskBuilder.fs.


  • Fixed bug when a NestedEndpoint preceded a MultiEndpoint in Giraffe.EndpointRouting (see #452)
  • Removed the sub-module GiraffeMiddleware from the Giraffe.EndpointRouting module (simply keep using the UseGiraffe extension method of an IApplicationBuilder)
  • Added an overload for UseGiraffe to pass in an Endpoint list:
    • Before:
      app.UseEndpoints(fun e -> e.MapGiraffeEndpoints(endpoints))
    • Now:


  • Added ReadBodyBufferedFromRequestAsync extension method to buffer and read a the request body and make subsequent reads possible (see #449)
  • Changed how the serialization modules are structured:
    • IJsonSerializer is now Json.ISerializer
    • Utf8JsonSerializer is now Utf8Json.Serializer
    • NewtonsoftJsonSerializer is now NewtonsoftJson.Serializer
    • SystemTextJsonSerializer is now SystemTextJson.Serializer
    • IXmlSerializer is now Xml.ISerializer
    • DefaultXmlSerializer is now SystemXml.Serializer
  • Converted all HttpContext extension methods into C# compatible extension methods, meaning that function arguments had to be merged into tuples
  • Removed the => operator from Giraffe.EndpointRouting
  • Changed the GET, POST, PUT, HEAD, etc. functions to accept an Endpoint list instead of an Endpoint
    • Before: GET => route "/foo" (text "bar"), After: GET [ route "/foo" (text "bar") ]
    • One can now compose routes easier:
      GET [
          route "/a" (text "A")
          route "/b" (text "B")
          route "/c" (text "C")
  • Added GET_HEAD to the endpoint routing functions, which will handle a HEAD request for the same GET handler.


  • Fixed pre-conditions validation issue (see #424)
  • Fixed parsing issue with Guids and ShortIds in Giraffe.EndpointRouting (see #447)
  • Added routexp http handler to default router (see #446)


Upgraded to .NET 5. The 5.x version of Giraffe is targeting net5.0 and dropping support for all other target frameworks. If you cannot upgrade a project to .NET 5 yet then stay on an older version of Giraffe until you can. Giraffe has always been a .NET Core centered project and in the .NET Core world (and now .NET 5 world) there is little to no reason why a project should remain on an old .NET Core version for a long time when upgrade paths are mostly as simple as changing the <TargetFramework> property in an .fsproj file.

Summary of changes going into 5.0.0-rc-1

  • Only supported target framework is .NET 5

  • Added Giraffe.EndpointRouting namespace with a version of a few routing handlers which integrate with ASP.NET Core's endpoint routing API

    • Currently supported are: route, routef, subRoute and HTTP verb handlers such as GET, POST, PUT, etc.
    • Check the Endpoint Routing documentation for more details
    • Or check the EndpointRoutingApp sample app for how to use Giraffe.EndpointRouting
  • Replaced Giraffe.GiraffeViewEngine with the standalone NuGet package Giraffe.ViewEngine

  • New JsonOnlyNegotiationConfig for setting a content negotiation policy which only supports JSON serialisation (no XML for those who don't need it)

  • Added SystemTextJsonSerializer which uses System.Text.Json for JSON serialisation when configured as the desired JSON serializer in Giraffe

  • Improved RegEx http handlers in original (non Endpoint routing) http handlers

  • Swapped Markdown docs for XML docs for all functions.

  • Added support for complex model binding (see #416)


  • Enhanced Endpoint routing with a metadata list (see PR #437)


  • Swapped Markdown docs for XML docs for all functions.
  • Improved endpoint routing by deferring the creation of RequestDelegate functions.
  • Added dependency to new Giraffe.ViewEngine package and re-introduced the htmlView and WriteHtmlViewAsync functions into Giraffe.
  • Added support for complex model binding (see #416)


  • Only supported target framework is .NET Core 3.1 (in preparation for .NET 5)
  • Added System.Text.Json serializer
  • Added Giraffe.EndpointRouting namespace with a super early alpha version of new routing handlers which integrate with ASP.NET Core's endpoint routing API (check out the EndpointRoutingApp sample app for examples before the documentation is ready)
  • Removed Giraffe.GiraffeViewEngine (in preparation to distribute it as a separate NuGet package, which doesn't exist yet). This release has no GiraffeViewEngine which is one of the reasons why it's an alpha-001 release. Plans are to bring it back in 5.0.0-alpha-002
  • New JsonOnlyNegotiationConfig for setting a content negotiation which only supports JSON serialisation and not XML
  • Improved RegEx http handlers in original (non Endpoint routing) http handlers
  • Added SystemTextJsonSerializer which uses System.Text.Json for JSON serialisation when configured as the desired JSON serializer in Giraffe


  • Removed redundant dependencies
  • Fixed model binding for arrays (see #403)
  • Fixed pre-condition bug for the If-Unmodified-Since HTTP header (see #402)
  • Added netcoreapp3.1 support


Fixed dependency references for TFM netcoreapp3.0 projects.


Giraffe 4.0.0 has been tested against netcoreapp3.0 alongside netcoreapp2.1 and net461. All sample code has been upgraded to .NET Core 3.0 as well.


This release of Giraffe fixes a bug in the routef handler which would have previously matched a route too eagerly.

Route: /foo/bar/hello/world
routef: /foo/bar/%s
Match: true
Route: /foo/bar/hello/world
routef: /foo/bar/%s
Match: false

For more information please see issue #347.

New features

  • Support array of 'T as a child in form binding
  • Added a new DateTime extension method ToIsoString which produces a RFC3339 formatted string, and corrected the docs on the existing ToHtmlString extension method which actually produces a RFC822 formatted string.

Bug fixes and breaking changes

  • Fixed routef to not match more than one URL path segment.

  • Fixed the _ariaLabelledBy attribute in the GiraffeViewEngine

  • Fixed case insensitive route handlers on Ubuntu

  • Changed minimum version of Newtonsoft.Json to 11.0.2. This allows Giraffe to be compatible with Azure Functions.

  • Renamed tryMatchInput to tryMatchInputExact and swapped the order of arguments so that the string value comes last

  • Added new version of tryMatchInput which accepts MatchSettings record:

    type MatchMode =
        | Exact                // Will try to match entire string from start to end.
        | StartsWith           // Will try to match a substring. Subject string should start with test case.
        | EndsWith             // Will try to match a substring. Subject string should end with test case.
        | Contains             // Will try to match a substring. Subject string should contain test case.
    type MatchOptions = { IgnoreCase: bool; MatchMode: MatchMode; }


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the subRouteCi http handler, which prevented nested sub routes to be case insensitive.

New features

  • Added two new HttpContext extension methods to retrieve cookie and form values:
    • GetCookieValue (key : string)
    • GetFormValue (key : string)


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in Giraffe's model binding to not try to set read only properties anymore.


New features

  • Updated all packages and framework library dependencies to .NET Core 2.2.
  • Added a new GET_HEAD http handler (see: #314 for more info).
  • Added a new convenience function called handleContext, which can be used for creating new HttpHandler functions.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the _data attribute in the GiraffeViewEngine to accept a key and value parameter now.


New features

  • Added a new http handler called authorizeRequest to authorize a request based on a HttpContext -> bool predicate.
  • Added a new http handler called authorizeUser which is an alias for evaluateUserPolicy. The evaluateUserPolicy handler will be removed in the next major release.


New features

  • Added str as an alias for the encodedText function from the GiraffeViewEngine.
  • Added the HttpContext.GetRequestUrl() extension method to retrieve the entire URL string of the incoming HTTP request.



  • Adding the charset parameter in the HTTP Content-Type response header when returning a text response (text/plain, text/html) or a JSON or XML response (application/json, application/xml). By default Giraffe is using UTF8 encoding for all its responses.


New features

  • Added a new http handler called validatePreconditions to help with conditional requests:

    let someHandler (eTag : string) (content : string) =
        let eTagHeader = Some (EntityTagHeaderValue.FromString true eTag)
        validatePreconditions eTagHeader None
        >=> setBodyFromString content
  • Made previously internal functionality for sub routing available through the SubRouting module:

    • SubRouting.getSavedPartialPath: Returns the currently partially resolved path.
    • SubRouting.getNextPartOfPath: Returns the yet unresolved part of the path.
    • SubRouting.routeWithPartialPath: Invokes a route handler as part of a sub route.


  • Performance improvements for Giraffe's default response writers.
  • Performance improvements of the htmlView handler.
  • Upgraded to the latest TaskBuilder.fs NuGet package which also has the SourceLink integration now.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the Successful.NO_CONTENT http handler, which threw an exception when calling from ASP.NET Core 2.1.


Breaking changes

  • Changed the type XmlNode by removing the RawText and EncodedText union case and replaced both by a single Text union case. The HTML encoding (or not) is being done now when calling one of the two helper functions rawText and encodedText.

    • This change - even though theoretically a breaking change - should not affect the vast majority of Giraffe users unless you were constructing your own XmlNode elements which were of type RawText or EncodedText (which is extremely unlikely given that there's not much room for more nodes of these two types).
  • Removed the task {} override in Giraffe which was forcing the FSharp.Control.Tasks.V2.ContextInsensitive version of the Task CE. This change has no effect on the behaviour of task computation expressions in Giraffe. In the context of an ASP.NET Core web application there is not difference between ContextSensitive and ContextInsensitive which is why the override has been removed. The only breaking change which could affect an existing Giraffe web application is that in some places you will need to explicitly open FSharp.Control.Tasks.V2.ContextInsensitive where before it might have been sufficient to only open Giraffe.

  • Changed the members of the IJsonSerializer interface to accommodate new (de-)serialize methods for chunked encoding transfer.

    The new interface is the following:

    type IJsonSerializer =
        abstract member SerializeToString<'T>      : 'T -> string
        abstract member SerializeToBytes<'T>       : 'T -> byte array
        abstract member SerializeToStreamAsync<'T> : 'T -> Stream -> Task
        abstract member Deserialize<'T>      : string -> 'T
        abstract member Deserialize<'T>      : byte[] -> 'T
        abstract member DeserializeAsync<'T> : Stream -> Task<'T>


  • Significant performance improvements in the GiraffeViewEngine by changing the underlying composition of views from simple string concatenation to using a StringBuilder object.

New features

  • Support for short GUIDs and short IDs (aka YouTube IDs) in route arguments and query string parameters.
  • Enabled SourceLink support for Giraffe source code (thanks Cameron Taggart)! For more information check out Adding SourceLink to your .NET Core Library.
  • Added a new JSON serializer called Utf8JsonSerializer. This type uses the Utf8 JSON serializer library, which is currently the fastest JSON serializer for .NET. NewtonsoftJsonSerializer is still the default JSON serializer in Giraffe (for stability and backwards compatibility), but Utf8JsonSerializer can be swapped in via ASP.NET Core's dependency injection API. The new Utf8JsonnSerializer is significantly faster (especially when sending chunked responses) than NewtonsoftJsonSerializer.
  • Added a new HttpContext extension method for chunked JSON transfers: WriteJsonChunkedAsync<'T> (dataObj : 'T). This new HttpContext method can write content directly to the HTTP response stream without buffering into a byte array first (see Writing JSON).
  • Added a new jsonChunked http handler. This handler is the equivalent http handler version of the WriteJsonChunkedAsync extension method.
  • Added first class support for ASP.NET Core's response caching feature.

Special thanks

Special thanks to Dmitry Kushnir for doing the bulk work of all the perf improvements in this release as well as adding Giraffe to the TechEmpower Webframework Benchmarks!


Changed the task {} CE to load from FSharp.Control.Tasks.V2.ContextInsensitive instead of FSharp.Control.Tasks.ContextInsensitive.


Breaking changes

  • Changed the name of the handler requiresAuthPolicy to evaluateUserPolicy in order to better describe its functionality and to avoid a name clash between two newly added handlers for validating ASP.NET Core's AuthorizationPolicy objects (see new features).
  • Changed how he AddGiraffe() extension method registers Giraffe dependencies in ASP.NET Core. It now follows the TryAdd pattern which will only register a dependency if it hasn't been registered beforehand.
  • Changed the HttpContext.GetService<'T>() extension method to throw a MissingDependencyException if it cannot resolve a desired dependency.

New features

  • Added two new http handlers to validate an ASP.NET Core AuthorizationPolicy (see: Policy based authorization). The authorizeByPolicyName and authorizeByPolicy http handlers will use ASP.NET Core's authorization service to validate a user against a given policy.
  • Updated TaskBuilder.fs to version 2.0.*.
  • Updated ASP.NET Core NuGet packages to latest 2.1.* versions.
  • Enabled return! for opt { } computation expressions.
  • Added blockquote, _integrity and _scoped to the GiraffeViewEngine.
  • Added attributes for mouse, keyboard, touch, drag & drop, focus, input and mouse wheel events to the GiraffeViewEngine.
  • Added new accessibility attributes to the GiraffeViewEngine. These can be used after opening the Giraffe.GiraffeViewEngine.Accessibility module.
  • Added a new Successful.NO_CONTENT http handler which can be used to return a HTTP 204 response.
  • Added more structured logging around the Giraffe middleware.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in routef, routeCif and subRoutef which prohibited to parse multiple GUIDs
  • Fixed a bug in routef, routeCif and subRoutef which wrongly decoded a route argument twice (and therefore turned + signs into spaces).
  • Fixed XML documentation for all Giraffe functions which should make function tooltips nicely formatted again.
  • Enabled the HttpContext.BindModelAsync<'T>() extension method and the bindModel<'T> http handler to also bind to a model in the case of a PATCH or DELETE http request.


New features

  • Added subRoutef http handler (see subRoutef)
  • Added routex and routeCix http handler (see routex)
  • Improved model binding (see Model Binding)
    • Fixed issues: #121, #206
    • Added a TryBindFormAsync and a TryBindQueryString HttpContext extension methods
    • Added new HttpHandler functions to offer a more functional API for model binding:
      • bindJson<'T>
      • bindXml<'T>
      • bindForm<'T>
      • tryBindForm<'T>
      • bindQuery<'T>
      • tryBindQuery<'T>
      • bindModel<'T>
  • Added new Model Validation API

To see an example of the new features you can check the official Giraffe 1.1.0 release blog post.

Bug fixes

  • routeBind works when nested in a subRoute handler now
  • routeBind doesn't crate a model object any more if the route arguments do not match the provided model


First RTM release of Giraffe.

This release has many minor breaking changes and a few bigger features. Please read the changelog carefully before updating your existing application.

New features

  • JSON and XML serialization is now configurable through Dependency Injection (see Serialization)
  • Added new features to validate conditional HTTP headers before processing a web request (see Conditional Requests)
  • Added streaming capabilities (see Streaming)
  • Added HEAD, OPTIONS, TRACE, CONNECT http handlers
  • Added more HttpContext extension methods to create parity between response writing methods and HttpHandler functions (see Response Writing and Content Negotiation)
  • Added detailed XML docs to all public facing functions for better Intellisense support
  • The Giraffe.Common module auto opens now

Breaking changes

  • Deprecated Griaffe.Tasks. Giraffe uses the original TaskBuilder.fs library now.
  • Giraffe comes with a default set of required dependencies which need to be registered via services.AddGiraffe() during application startup now
  • The Giraffe.TokenRouter library has been moved to a separate NuGet package under the same name
  • Removed redundant serialization methods
    • Removed serializeJson, deserializeJson<'T>, deserializeJsonFromStream<'T>, defaultJsonSerializerSettings, defaultSerializeJson, defaultDeserializeJson<'T>, serializeXml and deserializeXml<'T>
  • Removed the customJson http handler
  • Renamed the html http handler to htmlString
  • Renamed the renderHtml http handler to htmlView
  • Renamed setBodyAsString http handler to setBodyFromString
  • Renamed ReturnHtmlFileAsync() to WriteHtmlFileAsync()
    • The function can also accept relative and absolute file paths now
  • Renamed RenderHtmlAsync() to WriteHtmlViewAsync()
  • Removed the overloads for BindJsonAsync<'T>, BindModelAsync<'T> and WriteJsonAsync which accepted an object of type JsonSerializerSettings
  • Renamed the signOff http handler to signOut to be more consistent with existing ASP.NET Core naming conventions

To get a summary of the new features and changes you can check the official Giraffe 1.0.0 release blog post.


Breaking changes

  • Renamed portRoute to routePorts to be more consistent with other routing functions (route, routef, routeStartsWith, etc.)

New features

  • routef and routeCif both support %O for matching System.Guid values now
  • Added HTML attributes helper functions to the GiraffeViewEngine.


let html = p [ _class "someCssClass"; _id "greetingsText" ] [ encodedText "Hello World" ]


Breaking changes

  • Renamed Giraffe.XmlViewEngine to Giraffe.GiraffeViewEngine as it represented more than just an XML view engine.

New features

  • Added automatic validation of the format string inside routef and routeCif to notify users of the notorious %d vs %i error during startup.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed ReadBodyFromRequestAsync where the stream has been disposed before read could complete.



  • Explicitly set the encoding to UTF-8 when reading the HTTP body during ReadBodyFromRequestAsync

New features

  • Added the html http handler which can be used to return a text/html response by passing in the html content as a string variable


New features

  • Added a new overload for GetLogger of the HttpContext extension methods, which allows one to pass in a categoryName string in order to initialise a new logger: let logger = ctx.GetLogger "categoryName".
  • BindFormAsync, BindQueryString and BindModelAsync accept an additional optional parameter for CultureInfo.

Breaking changes

  • Removed Giraffe.Tasks from the Giraffe NuGet package and added a new dependency on the newly created Giraffe.Tasks NuGet package. You can use the Giraffe.Tasks NuGet package from non ASP.NET Core projects now as well.


New features

  • Added HTTP status code helper functions.
  • Added defaultSerializeJson and defaultDeserializeJson methods.
  • Auto opened default Giraffe modules so that the core functionality can be entirely consumed through a single open Giraffe statement.
  • The functionality from Giraffe.Razor.Middleware and Giraffe.Razor.HttpHandlers can be both consumed through a single open Giraffe.Razor now.

Bug fixes

  • Changed the base tag from the XmlViewEngine from a regular tag to a voidTag to comply with the HTML spec.

Breaking changes

  • Renamed all async methods by appending Async at the end of the method in order to comply with the general .NET naming convention
    • readFileAsString --> readFileAsStringAsync
    • ctx.ReadBodyFromRequest --> ctx.ReadBodyFromRequestAsync
    • ctx.BindJson --> ctx.BindJsonAsync
    • ctx.BindXml --> ctx.BindXmlAsync
    • ctx.BindForm --> ctx.BindFormAsync
    • ctx.BindModel --> ctx.BindModelAsync
    • ctx.WriteJson --> ctx.WriteJsonAsync
    • ctx.WriteXml --> ctx.WriteXmlAsync
    • ctx.WriteText --> ctx.WriteTextAsync
    • ctx.RenderHtml --> ctx.RenderHtmlAsync
    • ctx.ReturnHtmlFile --> ctx.ReturnHtmlFileAsync
  • Renamed Giraffe.DotLiquid.HttpHandlers module to Giraffe.DotLiquid


New features

  • Added portRoute http handler to filter an incoming request based on the port

Breaking changes

  • The GET, POST, PUT and DELETE http handlers of the TokenRouter.fs have changed to accept a list of http handlers now.

Bug fixes

  • TokenRouter fringe case not being identified before (see #150)


New features

  • Added requiresAuthPolicy http handler
  • Added RenderHtml and ReturnHtmlFile extension methods to the HttpContext object
  • Added customJson http handler, which allows users to define a custom json handler (with custom serialization settings)
  • Added overloads to BindJson and BindModel where a user can pass in a custom JsonSerializerSettings object

Breaking changes

  • Changed the default json serializer to use camel case for serialization (this change prevents users from being able to change the default serializer through the JsonConvert.DefaultSettings object - use customJson instead if customization is required)
  • Changed the serializeJson, deserializeJson methods to accept an aditional parameter of type JsonSerializerSettings

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Automatically URL decoding of string values when using routef
  • Fixed an inference bug with routef by replacing the format parameter of the tryMatchInput method and the path parameter of the routef and routeCif methods from StringFormat to PrintFormat
  • Changed the implementation of ctx.BindJson<'T>() for better performance and which aims to fix an Azure bug with Kestrel (#136)
  • Fixed a bug with routeBind (#129)
  • Improved the htmlFile http handler by allowing the filePath parameter to be either rooted or relative to the ContentRootPath


  • Added three additional HttpContext extension methods in the Giraffe.HttpContextExtensions module: WriteJson, WriteXml and WriteText. These three methods can be used for direct HttpReponse writing from within a custom handler without having to sub-call the json, xml or text http handlers.
  • Changed the UseGiraffeErrorHandler method to return an IApplicationBuilder now. This change allows middleware chaining. This is a breaking change and you'll either have to chain middleware or append an |> ignore in your application set up.


Added the Giraffe.TokenRouter module for speed improved route handling.


Improved the routeBind http handler to give users more flexibility in mapping routes to HTTP requests (see #110).


  • Fixed bug in connection with the ExceptionHandlerMiddleware (see #106)
  • Added CORS settings for localhost to the default giraffe-template


Updated Giraffe to .NET Standard 2.0

Attention, this release updated all Giraffe NuGet packages to net461 and netstandard2.0!

You will have to upgrade your ASP.NET Core application to either full .NET framework 461 or to a .NET Core app 2.0.

There were a few minor breaking changes in ASP.NET Core 2.0 which also affected Giraffe. I do not intend to keep maintaining a 1.x version any longer unless there's a very compelling reason. General advice is to upgrade all .NET Core web applications to 2.0.


Giraffe 0.1.0-beta-003

  • Fixed bug where readFileAsString closed the stream before the file could be read

Giraffe.Razor 0.1.0-beta-002

  • Fixed bug so that _ViewStart.cshtml files get respected now

giraffe-template 0.1.9

  • Fixed wrong version numbers in package references for Giraffe and Giraffe.Razor


  • Fixed the warbler function. Should work as expected again.
  • Added support for Async<'T> in the task {} workflow. You can use an Async<'T> from within task {} without having to convert back to a Task<'T>
  • Set the Giraffe dependency version in the template to a concrete version to avoid breaking changes in the template.


First Beta release of Giraffe!

Major changes:

The HttpHandler has slightly changed.

Blog post with more info is coming shortly!


Changed the type XmlAttribute from the XmlViewEngine to accept either a string * string key value pair or a boolean attribute of type string. This was a missing to enable script tags such as <script src="..." async></script>.

Added two helper functions (attr and flag) to simplify the creation of those attributes:

script [
    attr "src" ""
    attr "lang" "javascript"
    flag "async" ] []


  • New routeBind http handler
  • Annotated all default http handler functions with the HttpHandler type


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed build error in the Giraffe template.

Further improvements to the XmlViewEngine:

  • Renamed renderXmlString to renderXmlNode and renamed renderHtmlString to renderHtmlNode
  • Added two more methods which accept a XmlNode list: renderXmlNodes and renderHtmlNodes
  • Changed the return value of encodedText and rawText to return a single XmlNode instead of XmlNode list. This has the advantage that it can be used from within another list, which was not possible before.


let view =
    html [] [
        head [] [
            title []  (rawText "Giraffe")
        body [] (encodedText "Hello World")


let view =
    html [] [
        head [] [
            title []  [ rawText "Giraffe" ]
        body [] [ encodedText "Hello World" ]

This has the advantage that you can also do this, which wasn't possible before:

let view =
    html [] [
        head [] [
            title []  [ rawText "Giraffe" ]
        body [] [
            encodedText "Hello World"
            p [] [ rawText "Hello" ]


A few modifications to the former HtmlEngine so that it can be used for correct XML rendering as well:

  • Renamed the Giraffe.HtmlEngine module to Giraffe.XmlViewEngine
  • Renamed HtmlAttribute to XmlAttribute, HtmlElement to XmlElement and HtmlNode to XmlNode
  • Renamed and make the function nodeToHtmlString private
  • Added comment function to the Giraffe.XmlViewEngine module for creating XML comments
  • Added renderXmlString and renderHtmlString functions to Giraffe.XmlViewEngine module for rendering XML and HTML nodes.


  • Changed HttpContext.BindQueryString<'T>() to return 'T instead of Async<'T>
  • Added HttpContext.TryGetQueryStringValue (key : string) which returns an Option<string>
  • Added HttpContext.GetQueryStringValue (key : string) which returns a Result<string, string>


Split out the Razor view engine and the DotLiquid templating engine into separate NuGet packages:

  • Giraffe.Razor
  • Giraffe.DotLiquid

Please reference the additional packages if you were using any of the view or templating handlers.

Also updated the giraffe-template NuGet package with the new changes and adapted the build.ps1 PowerShell script to successfully build on Linux environments too.

Additionally TravisCI builds are run as part of every commit as well now.


Adds support for the Option<'T> type when model binding from a query string.


  • Added two new HttpContext extension methods:
    • TryGetRequestHeader (key : string) which returns an Option<string>
    • GetRequestHeader (key : string) which returns a Result<string, string>
  • Added default computation expressions for the Option<'T> and Result<'T, 'TError> types under Giraffe.ComputationExpressions


New features

  • Added plain/text as a new supported mime type to the default negotiate handler (it will be using an object's .ToString() method to serialize an object into plain text)
  • Added new helper functions for retrieving a logger or dependencies as extension methods of the HttpContext object: ctx.GetService<'T>() and ctx.GetLogger<'T>()

Breaking changes

  • Completely removed the HttpHandlerContext type and replaced all usage with the original HttpContext object from ASP.NET Core.
  • Extended the ErrorHandler function with a parameter to retrieve a default ILogger object
  • Moved model binding functions from the Giraffe.ModelBinding module into the Giraffe.HttpContextExtensions module and made them extension methods of the HttpContext object

Also updated the giraffe-template NuGet package with the latest changes.


Fixes #46


Changed the signature of the redirectTo http handler (swapped permanent with location).


Added redirectTo http handler.


Using culture invariant converters in model binders.


  • Added bindQueryString which can automatically bind a model from query string parameters
  • Extended bindModel to include bindQueryString when the HTTP method is not POST or PUT


New features

  • Added a warbler function
  • Added model binding capabilities which can automatically bind a HTTP payload to a strongly typed model: bindJson, bindXml, bindForm and bindModel


  • Improved the negotiateWith and negotiate http handlers by making use of ASP.NET Core's MediaTypeHeaderValue class
  • Added *.cshtml files to the DotNet watcher in the template

Bug fixes

  • Fixed AssemblyName and PackageId values in the template


Added two new HttpHandler functions:

  • negotiate checks the Accept header of a request and determines automatically if a response should be sent in JSON or XML
  • negotiateWith is the same as negotiate, but additionally accepts an IDictionary<string, obj -> HttpHandler> which allows users to extend the default negotiation rules (e.g. change default serialization if a client is indifferent, or add more supported mime types, etc.)


  • Added a new programmatic view engine called Giraffe.HtmlEngine
  • Addd a new HttpHandler named renderHtml to return views from the new view engine


  • Updated Newtonsoft.Json to version 10.0.*
  • Updated the Giraffe dotnet new template


  • NuGet package is being built with official VS 2017 build image by AppVeyor (using .NET Core SDK 1.0.1)
  • Created a NuGet package called giraffe-template which is a new dotnet new template for Giraffe projects
  • Removed RazorLight as a dependency and replaced it with the official razor engine by ASP.NET Core MVC
  • Renamed the HttpHandler htmlTemplate to dotLiquidHtmlView
  • Added a new HttpHandler named dotLiquidTemplate. The difference is that it let's the caller decide what Content-Type the response shall be.
  • Renamed the HttpHandler razorView to razorHtmlView
  • Added a new HttpHandler named razorView. The difference is that it let's the caller decide what Content-Type the response shall be.


Attention, this release creates a new NuGet package named Giraffe.nupkg, which will be the new NuGet library for this project going forward.

The old package AspNetCore.Lambda.nupkg will remain as is for backwards compatibility and not be removed or updated anymore.

  • Added a default logger to the HttpHandlerContext
  • Renamed NuGet package to Giraffe


  • Changed dependency from Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting to Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting.Abstractions
  • Added razorView HttpHandler


This version has some breaking changes

  • Re-factored bind to make it a true bind function
  • Added a new compose combinator
  • The >>= operator became >=> now and >>= is the new bind function (Fixes #5)
  • Upgraded project to .NET Core SDK RC4


  • Upgraded to FSharp.Core 4.1.0
  • Added subRoute and subRouteCi handlers (Fixes #7 )
  • Uses culture invariant parse functions for routef and routeCif (See #8)


  • Changed the HttpHandlerContext to include an IServiceProvider and removed IHostingEnvironment and ILoggerFactory instead
  • Added more default HttpHandlers: challenge, signOff, requiresAuthentication, requiresRole, requiresRoleOf, clearResponse and xml
  • Added XML documentation to all default HttpHandlers
  • Updated to latest Microsoft.FSharp.Core.netcore NuGet package, which is in RC now
  • Changed the name of the ErrorHandlerMiddleware to LambdaErrorHandlerMiddleware and changed the IApplicationBuilder extension method to UseLambdaErrorHandler


First alpha release with a basic set of functionality.