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@dustinmoris dustinmoris released this 16 Feb 13:19
· 657 commits to master since this release

New features

  • Added subRoutef http handler (see subRoutef)
  • Added routex and routeCix http handler (see routex)
  • Improved model binding (see Model Binding)
    • Fixed issues: #121, #206
    • Added a TryBindFormAsync and a TryBindQueryString HttpContext extension methods
    • Added new HttpHandler functions to offer a more functional API for model binding:
      • bindJson<'T>
      • bindXml<'T>
      • bindForm<'T>
      • tryBindForm<'T>
      • bindQuery<'T>
      • tryBindQuery<'T>
      • bindModel<'T>
  • Added new Model Validation API

Bug fixes

  • routeBind works when nested in a subRoute handler now
  • routeBind doesn't crate a model object any more if the route arguments do not match the provided model

To see an example of the new features you can check the official Giraffe 1.1.0 release blog post.