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Breaking changes

  • Changed the type XmlNode by removing the RawText and EncodedText union case and replaced both by a single Text union case. The HTML encoding (or not) is being done now when calling one of the two helper functions rawText and encodedText.

    • This change - even though theoretically a breaking change - should not affect the vast majority of Giraffe users unless you were constructing your own XmlNode elements which were of type RawText or EncodedText (which is extremely unlikely given that there's not much room for more nodes of these two types).
  • Removed the task {} override in Giraffe which was forcing the FSharp.Control.Tasks.V2.ContextInsensitive version of the Task CE. This change has no effect on the behaviour of task computation expressions in Giraffe. In the context of an ASP.NET Core web application there is not difference between ContextSensitive and ContextInsensitive which is why the override has been removed. The only breaking change which could affect an existing Giraffe web application is that in some places you will need to explicitly open FSharp.Control.Tasks.V2.ContextInsensitive where before it might have been sufficient to only open Giraffe.

  • Changed the members of the IJsonSerializer interface to accommodate new (de-)serialize methods for chunked encoding transfer.

    The new interface is the following:

    type IJsonSerializer =
        abstract member SerializeToString<'T>      : 'T -> string
        abstract member SerializeToBytes<'T>       : 'T -> byte array
        abstract member SerializeToStreamAsync<'T> : 'T -> Stream -> Task
        abstract member Deserialize<'T>      : string -> 'T
        abstract member Deserialize<'T>      : byte[] -> 'T
        abstract member DeserializeAsync<'T> : Stream -> Task<'T>


  • Significant performance improvements in the GiraffeViewEngine by changing the underlying composition of views from simple string concatenation to using a StringBuilder object.

New features

  • Support for short GUIDs and short IDs (aka YouTube IDs) in route arguments and query string parameters.
  • Enabled SourceLink support for Giraffe source code (thanks Cameron Taggart)! For more information check out Adding SourceLink to your .NET Core Library.
  • Added a new JSON serializer called Utf8JsonSerializer. This type uses the Utf8 JSON serializer library, which is currently the fastest JSON serializer for .NET. NewtonsoftJsonSerializer is still the default JSON serializer in Giraffe (for stability and backwards compatibility), but Utf8JsonSerializer can be swapped in via ASP.NET Core's dependency injection API. The new Utf8JsonnSerializer is significantly faster (especially when sending chunked responses) than NewtonsoftJsonSerializer.
  • Added a new HttpContext extension method for chunked JSON transfers: WriteJsonChunkedAsync<'T> (dataObj : 'T). This new HttpContext method can write content directly to the HTTP response stream without buffering into a byte array first (see Writing JSON).
  • Added a new jsonChunked http handler. This handler is the equivalent http handler version of the WriteJsonChunkedAsync extension method.
  • Added first class support for ASP.NET Core's response caching feature.

Special thanks

Special thanks to Dmitry Kushnir for doing the bulk work of all the perf improvements in this release as well as adding Giraffe to the TechEmpower Webframework Benchmarks!