A task computation expression to work natively with .NET's Tasks from an F# application.
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Giraffe.Tasks (Deprecated)


A task computation expression which works natively with .NET's Task objects from an F# application.

Attention: This NuGet package has been deprecated!

The Giraffe.Tasks NuGet package has been deprecated in favour of migrating Giraffe to the original TaskBuilder.fs NuGet library.

Please note that Giraffe.Tasks was a copy of TaskBuilder.fs from the beginning of its time and replacing Giraffe.Tasks with TaskBuilder.fs in your project should be as straight forward as a simple change in your dependencies definition and opening a new namespace:

open FSharp.Control.Tasks.ContextInsensitive

This change has been introduced with the release of Giraffe 1.0.0.

This project is not being maintained any longer. If you have any issues with tasks in F# then please open an issue in the TaskBuilder.fs repository.

More information

For more information about Giraffe, how to set up a development environment, contribution guidelines and more please visit the main documentation page.


Apache 2.0